Power&Energy Tech Conference Vision 2050-PETECH 2022

Președinta ADAA, Andreea Negru, a participat la Conferința Power&Energy Tech Vision 2050-PETECH 2022

Andreea Negru a declarat că: „The role of technologies in the new geopolitical context towards achieving climate neutrality and circularity by 2050 represents the main theme for the Power&Energy Tech Conference Vision 2050-PETECH 2022. Thank you Lavinia Iancu & Marius Vladareanu from Energy Industry Review for being partners in such wonderful projects! Great speakers and presentations about technologies, Green and sustainable Economy, global challenge, Cooperation, transition and fiscal context!”

Asociația pentru Dezvoltarea Antreprenoriatului Autohton ADAA a fost una dintre organizațiile de sprijin al acestui eveniment.

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